Homerun Disc Solutions offers a wide range of packaging and assembly services to help you complete your project. We are devoted to delivering quality packaging products, on time and on budget.

After spending so much time and effort developing your disc, it is essential to choose the right packaging to draw attention to your product and create its unique identity.

Our customer service representative will help you to choose what packaging solution will work best for you.

Here are a few examples of packaging options available:

Standard Jewel Case

Offering outstanding visual impact at a economical cost, the jewel case is the
classic of CD packaging.   Homerun Disc Solutions offers jewel cases from
1 to 6 discs, with black, clear or white tray.  Create a professional with the
addition of inserts and tray cards.

Slim Jewel Case

Slim Jewel Cases have become a popular option for CD and DVD packaging. 
At only 5.2mm thick, the slim-line jewel case is lighter and less expensive to
ship and also saves storage space.  Slim jewel cases do not have a traycard. You
can still put a front insert to the case. CD's fit onto a built-in bottom tray that is
available in black, clear, white, and frosted.

Amray Case

The Amray Case has become the standard for DVDs Made of sturdy plastic,
these amray Cases open like a book.  The cases have a hub  to hold the DVD in
place and inside clips hold artwork/booklets.  Clear outer sleeve holds printed
trapsheets. Homerun Disc Solutions offers amray cases to hold form 1 to 6 discs,
available in black, clear or white. 

Slim Amray Case

The slim-line amray case is  half the thickness as a standard amray case. The
cases have a hub to hold the DVD in place and  Inside clips hold artwork/booklets.
Clear outer sleeve holds printed trapsheets.  These cases are ultra thin and durable
and, available in black, white and clear this case allows versatility for all your
media needs.

Paper Sleeve

Paper sleeves are the least expensive disc packaging solutions available. These
white and colored sleeves are a very popular packaging option. They have a
clear window which allows your artwork to be seen.  They are great for mass
mailings when you need to keep you mailing costs down. Windows sleeves are
also available with adhesive backing to allow you to stick them anywhere.

Cardboard Mailer

This CD/DVD cardboard mailer is made of thick paperboard with no window.
It features a fold-over flap with a self-adhesive seal and a simple easy-tear strip.
Each mailer holds 1 disc.


Made from flexible plastic, and available in almost any colour, Clam shells not
only protect your discs from breaking, they protect the cases themselves from
breaking apart too.  If you need to send your discs by mail using clam shells
will guarantee your discs arrive safety.

Printed  Cardboard Sleeve

Printed Cardboard sleeves can be an attractive, cost effective option for your
disc and presentation. Printed in process 4 color, our sleeves are personalized
with your artwork, creating a complete look for your CD/DVD package.  Printed
sleeves are a great alternative to plain sleeve packaging for any promotional CDs
or DVDs. They are Great for handing out at, trade shows, conferences, and mass
mailings. We offer a wide range of sleeve options for one to six discs,

For a free and fast quote, please contact our customer service representative via email or telephone.
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