Using Homerun Disc Solutions for your next CD or DVD replication project guarantees the best quality and customer service, at reasonable prices.  We strive to provide total customer satisfaction.  Our customers are our number one priority.

Our replication services uses state-of-the-art, cutting edge technology to ensure exceptional quality.

Benefits of CD and DVD replication:

-  Large quantities at a lower cost

-  Silk screen or offset printing

-  Electronic colour proofs provided from supplied artwork

-  All products guaranteed against manufacturers' defects

It is our duty to provide you with high quality, outstanding customer service, and competitive prices.  We believe that you do not have to give up quality and service for a low price. We guarantee your satisfaction with your over all experience with our services and our prices.

For a free and fast quote, please contact our customer service representative via email or telephone.

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CD/DVD Replication

What is replication?

Replication is the standard process used to make mass quantities of CDs and DVDs.  It is a manufacturing process that involves molding each individual CD or DVD from plastic pellets.  A glass master of your information is made, and then a stamper is created.  Stamping transfers the information into the raw polycarbonate disc material.  The disc is then metalized to make it reflective and coated with lacquer.

Replication provides you with an exact replica of your  master.

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