We are dedicated to providing quality transfer services at affordable rates.  Homerun Disc Solutions will transfer your information, using state-of-the-art equipment and quality materials, and provide low prices and a quick turnaround.

We can convert to and from formats such as:

-  VHS-  Betacam SP

-  Mini DV-  Beta Max

-  DV Cam-  Hi 8

-  Betacam -  8mm film

-  16mm film   -  DVD

Plus we have access to other formats, to get your information transferred.


Television standards conversion is the process of changing one type of TV system to another. The TV video is fed through a video standards converter that changes the video to a different video system.

There are three main world standards, NTSC, PAL, SECAM.

We are able to transfer from one video tape or DVD to a second tape or DVD while simultaneously changing the video system.

For a free and fast quote, please contact our customer service representative via email or telephone.
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What is SECAM?

SECAM was developed in France  and is used in France and it's territories, much of Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East and northern Africa. This system uses the same resolution of PAL, 625 lines, and frame rate, 25 per second, but the way SECAM processes the color information is not compatible with PAL.
What is PAL?

PAL is used in much of western Europe, Asia, throughout the Pacific and southern Africa. PAL has a higher resolution than NTSC with 625 lines, but refreshes at only 25 frames per second.
What is NTSC?

The NTSC standard was introduced in the US in 1941 as the first set of standard protocols for television. It is used predominantly throughout the USA, Canada, & Japan but has also been adopted elsewhere. NTSC has 525 lines displayed at 30 frames per second in a 2:1 interleave. It has a lower resolution than PAL or SECAM but a faster frame rate, which reduces flicker.
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